There is no doubt that the process that must be followed to enter a Business School requires time and dedication, especially the part related to GMAT preparation. Go to a specialized center like Linguistic Techniques appliedsIn my opinion, it helps and makes things much easier. in a team of TLA who attends you knows perfectly the best strategies to prepare for the exam and during all the follow-up they do, they train you to face that tough 4-hour test. But in TLA They are not only experts in the preparation of the admission tests – GMAT and TOEFL – they also know better than anyone everything that surrounds the world of the MBA, acting as valuable consultants on any other topic not directly related to the exams.

In my case, I traveled a lot and many times I couldn't attend the classes or I couldn't prepare them well. At TLA they have shown me to have absolute flexibility. I have been able to recover classes with other groups and even repeat some where topics were explained that had not been clear to me the first time and review, as many times as I have needed, your verbal platform which is very complete and detailed.

If you accept my advice, save room for the unforeseen; prepare GMAT continuously, in a period of two or three months, it is more effective. One of the services that helps you a lot when you get old and that this academy offers you is its “Online Practice Center” It is frankly good and gives you a lot of very detailed information, totally associated with face-to-face classes and through the same van service, doing permanent monitoring, wherever you are.

Now I have finished the application process which, on the other hand, is also quite hard and I have used the Coaching Service that it offers TLA and I really feel very satisfied with the work done by my Coach; very professional, demanding, flexible in his schedules, available at all times and above all very knowledgeable about important details.

If you want advice, leave room for the unforeseen events that may arise in this long journey if you really want to be admitted to the best universities in the world.

To finish I tell you that I have personally recommended Linguistic Techniques Applied to  my best friends who also want to do an MBA. Some of them have already achieved a GMAT score above 700.



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