Our in-person GMAT prep courses are offered all year round, in intensive -or extensive- calendar modes. The average course length in extensive mode is from three to four months, and in the intensive calendar offered, from two to three months. Within either calendar, both the theoretical, in-person…


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Our in-person GRE prep courses are offered all year round, in Intensive or Extensive calendar modes. The average course length in extensive mode is 3 months; and in the intensive, 2 months. Within either calendar, all of the theoretical, in-person content is covered, along with the simulations of…


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Our in-person courses are intensive and are offered throughout the year. The average course length is 4 weeks in-person + 2 weeks practicing with tests, included in the course material, in real-time at home. TOEFL is a test that examines the ability to use English in academic contexts…


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Our in-person courses are intensive and are offered throughout the year. IELTS Is a British test of English, produced by the Univeristy of Cambridge and internationally recognized. The exam scores required to certify one’s English level for all those applying for scholarships, for participation in…


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Two necessary tools in GMAT!

The platforms developed by Applied Linguistic Techniques for real-time test drills, as well as the Verbal platform are, without a doubt, the most complete and effective tools that can be used to prepare for GMAT. Tell me more >


  • Advice and personal follow-up from day one.
  • Option to do a face-to-face test, depending on the course you want to take
  • Specialized teachers for the preparation of the official exam.
  • Intensive and extensive courses throughout the year.
  • Small groups in our classroom courses.
  • Face-to-face and Online private classes.
  • Advice about the processes of admission to the Postgraduate.
  • Personal coaching to present your application for a Master, MBA, PhD, Scholarships

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Find out what our students think about us.

Cuando decidí que quería realizar un MBA en EEUU, no tenía ni idea de lo largo y laborioso que resulta todo el proceso. Una vez entendida la magnitud del proceso, especialmente informado por los profesinales de Tecnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas, tuve clarísimo que mi aplicación pasaba por conseguir un GMAT elevado, como mínimo de 700 puntos.
Jordi Suarez, GMAT 730
Un president americà, crec que JFK, va dir que era una decisió intel.ligent deixar-se assessorar per gent més capaç i ben preparada que un mateix. Sens dubte, recórrer a Técnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas per a la preparació del GMAT o l’aplicació a MBA’s és “smart business”. Estic convençuda que un MBA en una de les millors escoles de negocis del món és un punt d’inflexió en la carrera professional que qualsevol; amb tot, més determinant i crucial és el procés d’aplicació, la preparació per a, com a mínim, poder tenir opcions tangibles de ser acceptat.
Marta Auleada i Català, GMAT 760
Aún me acuerdo como si fuese ayer cuando entré a la primera clase de GMAT en Técnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas y el profesor de la sección Quantitative nos dijo: “El GMAT es como un juego, lo único que hace falta para hacerlo bien es saberse bien las reglas y practicar”. Cuanta razón tenía…