Mine was an atypical profile. Lots of international experience and variety. They told me that was liked on the MBA admissions committees. But my academic record was a mess. The two notes that stood out the most in my file were the Approved and the "Not presented." Perhaps that is why the GMAT was especially important for my candidacy. He needed a good grade to show that he could hold up to the required academic level during the course.

I thought that the GMAT was a psychotechnician but I did not imagine the level of preparation it required. I went to an informational meeting at Técnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas and realized the size of the GMAT. I signed up for the GMAT course to review the mathematical contents thinking that the Verbal part, since English is my mother tongue, would not be so necessary but as I progressed through the course I can see that I was wrong and a good preparation in both sections will give you guarantees a higher score. Classes were taught at hours compatible with my workday. The teachers were always ready to help me answer questions either in person, by phone or by e-mail.


…. ”The path to the MBA is a very lonely path. There is still a lot of ignorance regarding the MBA, both at the level of general society and in the world of work. There are many myths and it is easy to get lost in misinformation or discouragement. In the GMAT center you will find other people with your same concerns, professionals specialized in the quantitative or verbal part of the GMAT, the TOEFL or the essays. TLA It has staff who advise you at all times to help you understand the differences between the different programs so that you can choose the option that best suits your needs. The TLA center became my second home and the professionals that compose it were at my disposal at all times to answer my questions. They have even come to advise me on how a job change would affect my application.


Thanks to the people from Tecnicas Lingüisticas Aplicadas I have been able to reinforce my weak points and present a complete and balanced application.



GMAT 710