When I decided to take the GMAT, I thought that it would be just one more part of the process necessary to apply for an MBA place and that I should not pay special attention to it. Little by little, I realized that it is probably the most decisive aspect and, in turn, also the most difficult. However, it has something good: unlike your academic record, you can still influence it. That's why I decided to do it right and I signed up for Técnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas, center specialized in GMAT preparation ..

The important thing about the GMAT is not having a lot of knowledge of the English language, or knowing a lot of mathematics; From my point of view, there are two key aspects to get a good grade: knowing the strategy to focus on each of the exercises and having practiced this strategy enough to be able to apply it automatically and be able to do a good time management.

Classes in TLA are very useful, since what they provide you is precisely the appropriate strategies for each type of exercise, as well as the knowledge that can be of great help in the exam.

His Practice Test CenterHowever, it is from my point of view, the key aspect, since it allows you to live the experience of doing a complete GMAT and with all the pressure of the clock before the day of the exam. The combination of both aspects is essential to go to the exam well prepared.


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