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For many years it was clear to me that I wanted to study an MBA tomorrow. Initially I had it as a simple distant goal on the horizon but, as time passed, my restlessness led me to familiarize myself with the different requirements that I needed to meet, one of them being GMAT. At that time, these acronyms did not mean anything special to me, but simply one more exam that I would have to pass and from which I did not expect to present serious difficulties ...

… ”However, a while ago, when one of my best friends began to prepare for the legendary exam, I was surprised by the time he had to dedicate and I began to realize that GMAT was perhaps more complicated than it was at first I had imagined. Some other person in my environment was also preparing and their experiences only confirmed my previous omens about the difficulty of the exam "

The time to face the test was approaching and, the good recommendations of several people about Técnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas (TLA)  together with my experience in the career with the world of academies, led me to decide for the course GMAT preparation in TLA. Combining work life with exam preparation is not easy. On the one hand, time is short and, on the other hand, GMAT requires great dedication and perseverance. The course in TLA It was key to overcoming this difficulty since a very intense and well structured program is followed from day one. Noteworthy is one of TLA's exclusive resources, the Practice Test Center. It is a very complete on-line GMAT exam simulator that is essential in preparing for the exam. Likewise, the quality of the TLA team is highly appreciated. They have a very extensive knowledge of the exam and are ready to help you at all times.

In short, if you are reading these lines and you intend to take GMAT in the near future, I recommend, without a doubt, the Técnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas preparation course. Of course, for your part, a dose of effort, dedication and perseverance is essential.



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