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In successive academic years, we have successfully prepared many students of different nationalities to access a university in the United States, which, in many cases, had been awarded a sports scholarship.

The SAT exam is equivalent to the EBAU test to enter the Spanish university. The new test focuses on two skills and knowledge that are at the core of education. Measure:

  • What students learn in Bachelor.
  • What You Need to Succeed in College

Students who decide to prepare for the SAT, whether or not they have a sports scholarship, can take face-to-face classes online with our live teachers on a flexible schedule. They are not recorded classes.

You can do a complete or partial preparation of the contents included in the exam.

"I have prepared SAT and TOEFL in this school and I am going to the USA with my soccer scholarship."



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Academic scholarships: Obtaining a very good result on the SAT opens the possibility to receive academic scholarships that can range from $5,000 to $30,000 dollars per year, depending on the result and the university.

NCAA scholarships: These scholarships are awarded by the coaches of each team at American universities.

There are three main requirements:

  • Finish secondary education.
  • Take the SAT and TOEFL exams, the compulsory entrance exams to American universities.
  • Have a high competitive level in your sport.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is the US university entrance exam, it is an opportunity for you to show the universities that you are an interesting candidate for them.

This exam consists of 3 compulsory sections and 1 optional:

  • Reading Section
  • Writing and language section
  • Mathematics Section
  • Essay (optional)

The SAT has a duration of 3 hours (plus 50 minutes, for the essay, optional).

Reading section

In this section, you will read passages and interpret informational graphics. Next, you will answer a series of questions about the passage you have read.

In some questions you will have to locate a fact or an idea expressed directly in the passage. While in other questions you must interpret the words of the author.

Just as in the university and during your career years you will have to use reading resources in the subjects you study, also in this exam you must show that you know how to use the same resources.

This section always includes:

  • A passage from a classic or contemporary work of American or world literature.
  • A passage or a couple of passages from a US founding document or Great Global Conversation text that they inspired. The United States Constitution or a speech by Nelson Mandela, for example.
  • A selection on economics, psychology, sociology or some other social science.
  • Two science passages (or one passage and a pair of passages) that examine fundamental concepts and developments in geology, biology, chemistry, or physics.

Writing and language section

In this section you will answer two types of questions: in some you will have to analyze a single sentence, while in others you will have to interpret a graph and read a text. For example, you may need to choose a sentence that corrects a misinterpretation of a scientific table or better explains the importance of the data in a table.

The passages you will need to correct range from discussions to actual narratives and will be about careers, history, social studies, humanities, and science.

Mathematics Section

Most math questions will be multiple choice (A, B, C, D, E), but some will ask you to write the answer (a number) instead of selecting it.

The math test is divided into two parts: math test with calculator and math test without calculator.

Some parts of the test include several questions about the same scenario.

The math topics in this section are part of the basic concepts needed in a wide variety of college majors:

  • Algebra, focuses on the domain of equations and linear systems.
  • Problem solving and data analysis.
  • Complex equations.

Additional math topics are also covered in this section, including geometry and trigonometry most relevant to college and career readiness.


This section is optional and is always done at the end of the SAT; It is the universities that determine if they require the essay for admission, so you should be attentive to the requirements of each university.

You will have 50 minutes to write an essay on a specific topic that tests your reading, analysis and writing skills.


  • The scale ranges from 400 to 1600 points.
  • A score for the Reading and Writing sections ranging from 200 to 800; another for the mathematics section that also goes from 200 to 800; and a third score for the essay ranging from 2 to 8.
  • The essay grade is reported separately.