Do you want to study in the USA, do you need SAT?

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What is the SAT?

SAT is an American entrance exam that manages College Board and it is requested by most universities in the US and some in Europe, such as ESADE. It has the same equivalence as the Spanish EBAU, although the structure and content is different.

The format is multiple choice, the objective of which is to measure the preparation of a high school student before entering the university of their choice.

The SAT result along with other required documents; Baccalaureate notes, letter of recommendation, cover letter and interviews are very important requirements when it comes to being admitted. The higher the SAT score, the more option to choose a good university.

The SAT exam does not assess the knowledge you have acquired in high school during high school, but rather your future learning ability.

Why is it important to have a good score on the SAT?

Sports scholarships. If you want to obtain sports scholarships in the USA, it is essential to have a high score on the SAT, since both the NCAA and the NAIA take it into account as a requirement when selecting an athlete. These sports scholarships are awarded by the coaches of each team at the university and they decide the percentage that they give to each player and can be completed, evaluating the characteristics of each athlete.
Obtain academic scholarships. The most important requirements when it comes to obtaining academic scholarships in the United States is to obtain good results on the SAT exam, on TOEFL and an average high school mark.

Structure and content

Reading and writing 100 min
  • Reading
  • Writing and Language
52 Questions
44 Questions
Academic texts from various disciplines of natural and social sciences are included. Also novel texts, some for more than a century, which tend to be more complicated to understand. 65 min
35 min
Math 80 min
  • Algebra (30% Questions)
  • Data Analysis (30% Questions)
  • Advanced Concepts and Others (Polynomials, Trigonometry, Statistics, 40% Questions)
58 Questions The use of a calculator is not allowed. The Mathematics section reflects a little more the mathematical knowledge acquired and rewards reasoning more than memorization of formulas. 80 min
Essay (Optional) 50 min
58 Questions Read a text and analyze the ways in which the author has used examples or reasoning to prove his argument.
Total Time 3 hours


Each question in each of the sections is worth 1 point and wrong answers are not penalized. A score is assigned to each section based on the number of correct answers and for the calculation of the final grade, this score is converted to a scale of 200 to 800 points per section and therefore a maximum total score of 1600 points can be reached.