When I decided to do an MBA, I knew that the first thing I had to achieve was a good grade on the GMAT. Someone close to me recommended TLA as the perfect academy to prepare him with the maximum guarantees.

The first thing to note is that the work that is done is intense on both sides. The two professors know perfectly what is expected of the person who faces the GMAT and beyond transmitting concepts, they are in charge of focusing the study towards the type of exam. From the first moment, everyone is expected to give their maximum and that allows reaching higher levels in the final grade.

Another element to highlight is the Practice Test Center. This online center allows you to simulate the conditions of the GMAT exam and receive the results with your corrections. This serves both to see what the failures are and to get used to the format of the exam.

All the staff involved have great professionalism and dedication to the students. At all times I felt welcomed and with the expected follow-up.

In addition, TLA does not limit itself to preparing you for the certification but also provides meetings with students who are doing MBAs in various universities around the world, talks about preparing entrance applications, etc.

In short, if you want to get a good grade on the GMAT, don't hesitate and take the course at TLA.