Beginning April 16, 2018, the GMAT exam will be shortened by 30 minutes to a 3.5-hour exam, including the breaks and test instructions.

This includes a 23-minute reduction in the exam sections, as well as additional time and content reduction across several non-exam screens at the test center.

The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections of the GMAT exam will be shorter by 13 and 10 minutes, respectively.

The new section structure is as follows:


The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) and Integrated Reasoning (IR) sections of the exam, the optional break times, and the Score Preview time will remain unchanged.

In addition, the information presented in the Tutorial Screens at the test center is available online via for all candidates to access and review prior to their GMAT exam. You can view the tutorial at your convenience, and review it as many times as you like to further familiarize yourself with what you can expect at the test center.

I already have a GMAT exam scheduled. Should I reschedule it to take advantage of this new feature?

All GMAT exams delivered on April 16, 2018, or later (local time) will be in the new, shortened format. The decision to reschedule is up to you.

If you currently have a GMAT exam scheduled on or prior to May 6, 2018, and you would like to reschedule your GMAT exam as a result of this change, you can call GMAC Customer Service to reschedule your exam. Both the reschedule fee (depends on early or late reschedule) and phone fee ($10) will be waived if your request is received on or prior to April 11, 2018, and your exam is scheduled for on or prior to May 06, 2018. When you call, you must indicate that you are rescheduling as a result of the new shorter GMAT exam. Limit one free reschedule per candidate.

Exams scheduled after May 6, 2018, and requests received after April 11, 2018, will not be eligible for the reschedule fee waiver. If you do not qualify for the fee waiver, you may reschedule your GMAT exam online for the standard reschedule fee. Note that in all instances, GMAT exams cannot be cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment time.