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The developers of our platform and the team of teachers have worked conscientiously to offer you the best online course.

You can customize your preparation to reach the goal efficiently, from the beginning to the end of your training.

Improvements and updates are being made systematically so that you have more content of your level.

The satisfaction of our students is in our DNA. We personally assist each user to expand the details, according to needs.

Since 2016, 5,000 students from different countries have been trained with our courses.


It assesses the candidate's listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in a professional English-speaking environment.

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Our complete training:




Do you need to prove your level of English? Do you have little time to prepare?

With our 100% online course you can do your training intensively with all the necessary content.

Call us today and we will expand the information on the differences with other courses.

Do you master the test?

Thanks to the Exercises module, train yourself for each section.

  • Access this work area thanks to the tab Library from the menu or using the button exercises from the home page.
  • Choose the section you want to work on and then an exercise based on your level.
  • During the exercise, you can consult the instructions and corrections in real time.

Find out your result and take the time to read the detailed corrections for each question.
Ready to throw yourself into the unknown?

Train in real conditions

Thanks to the Mock Exam, evaluate your level in the conditions of the official test.

  • Set aside the time you need to complete a full exam.
  • Have headphones and a microphone available if needed.
  • Pay attention to the instructions.
  • press Start and let's go!

You will get your score at the end of the test.

Choose your personalized tour

Select the route that suits you based on your goal and the preparation time you want to spend.

  • Launch your tour directly from the home or by pressing study program on the menu.
  • Take your tours in a personalized way, with no time limit.
  • We will propose test exams during your journey to assess your progress (they are optional).

Do you need to prepare several exams?
Add as many tours as you want!

By the way, where are you going?

Analyze your results!
Check all the scores obtained since your first connection.

Better visualization of your progress:

  • Analysis of your progress in real time thanks to the statistics tab.
  • Compare yourself with other students!

Super personalized tracking:

  • The 100% of the questions are accompanied by a detailed explanation.
  • Suggestions for you to improve in the exam skills.
  • Strengths and weaknesses systematically highlighted.
  • An example of correct answer is given for each exercise of oral and written expression.

Progress thanks to the review sheets

Discover the module Study Sheets.
Search for a specific skill or select the test, level or category that interests you.
For each competence, they are associated:

  • A review sheet to master and memorize all the important points.
  • An exercise to apply and validate your knowledge.

You can easily access them from the home when pressing the Study Sheets button or going to Library in the initial menu.