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Is TOEFL easier than IELTS?2020-11-24T10: 20: 53 + 01: 00

IELTS Academic It is somewhat easier because the situations presented in the 4 parts of the test are more everyday and the vocabulary is more common. The official exam can be done online or on paper, but the Speaking section is always done with a teacher.

TOEFL iBT, It is somewhat more difficult because the situations of the 4 parts of the exam are focused on a more academic environment and, to a large extent, the final result will depend on the level of Listening of the evaluated person. The official exam is done on a computer including the integrated and independent Speaking section.

Where is the official TOEFL test taken?2020-11-24T10: 22: 24 + 01: 00

You have to register through the official ETS website, it cannot be done in person at a specific Center.

When are the official exams done?2020-11-24T10: 24: 58 + 01: 00

The dates and specific place where you can take the test online or in person, can only be seen on the official website

How valid is the exam?2020-11-24T10: 26: 13 + 01: 00

The validity of the TOEFL iBT test is 2 years.

In the TOEFL test, do you offer options for people with a specific disability?2020-11-26T13: 11: 36 + 01: 00

The testing organization, ETS, is committed to assisting examinees with disabilities and medical needs by providing services and reasonable accommodations that are appropriate for the purpose of the test. To request these adaptations, visit to know what you must do to register.

At the end of the exam, can I send the grade to the universities?2020-11-26T13: 15: 03 + 01: 00

When you register you have the option to enter the codes of 4 universities where you want to apply.

If you do not want to send your note to any Institution without first knowing your result, do not put the codes of the universities. In this case, when you see the result 13 days later, you must request it on the official website and pay for each shipment. $20.

When the exam is correct, you will receive an email to inform you that they are already available in your account.