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IESE® Classroom course

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The 30 hours are divided into two days a week.

Quantitative, verbal and business case reasoning.

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If you want to do an EMBA at any Business School, you can take GMAT and Executive Assessment. If you only want to apply to IESE, you will also have a third option to take the IESE internal test in two languages: English or Spanish.

“At IESE they recommended this academy to me and without them I would not have passed the admission test.”



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March 2023




Date: April 14 to May 20
Days: Fridays and Saturdays
Schedule: 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. | 9:00 to 11:30

Full Course:

  • Duration: 30 hours.
  • Structured agenda in 2h sessions.
  • Specific program to prepare for the IESE admission test.
  • A review of basic concepts is included.
  • Classes are taught in English or Spanish.
  • Places limited to 6 participants.
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OTHER OPTIONS:   live online course

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Classroom course

The course is intended only for candidates who want to apply to the EMBA. This course would not be suitable for students applying to the Full-Time MBA.

The 30 hours of the course are divided into a structured program between Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning to practice with questions very similar to those that will be seen in the exam.

The main objective is to present the criteria and strategies that we use to reach the correct conclusion in the fastest way. Allowing you to manage time in each section of the exam.

Course contents

  • 21 hours of mathematical reasoning.
  • 8 hours of verbal reasoning.
  • 1 hour of business case reasoning.

Includes support material:

  • Review of basic math concepts.
  • Agenda with sample questions.
  • TLA course guide.