IESE and ESADE – Frequently Asked Questions2022-09-12T15:15:45+02:00


Does Applied Linguistic Techniques prepare the IESE and ESADE EMBA admission tests?2020-04-02T16: 02: 51 + 02: 00

At TLA we do the preparation of the international GMAT and also specific courses for the preparation of the Admission Test to IESE and ESADE, the content of which is adapted to these two tests. On our website you can see: dates, duration, price, hours in EMBA.

Where and how often is the EMBA admission test taken?2020-12-03T10: 58: 13 + 01: 00

The exam is done in each of the Business Schools on the dates indicated on their respective websites.

Is the IESE and ESADE admission test done in Spanish and in what modality?2020-12-03T10: 57: 27 + 01: 00

The admission test for both Schools can be done in English or Spanish and, for now, the exam is done online.

What is easier to prepare for the GMAT or the EMBA Admission test?2020-12-03T10: 56: 19 + 01: 00

If you want to do the EMBA at IESE or ESADE, it will be easier for you to take the admission test of each university: TAI (IESE) and TAE (ESADE).

Do IESE and ESADE also accept the GMAT?2020-04-02T16: 03: 00 + 02: 00

The GMAT is an accepted test for admission to an EMBA at any Business School in the world, but the IESE and ESADE admission test is only valid for these two Schools.

If I want to apply to the two Business Schools, is the admission test the same?2020-12-03T10: 55: 17 + 01: 00

No, each School has its own exam and the contents are somewhat different, although they have some sections that are similar to those of GMAT.

Do I need an English certificate?2020-12-03T11: 00: 42 + 01: 00

Our Center is also specialized in the preparation of TOEFL and IELTS. They are international certifications and required in the EMBA.

In Applied Linguistic Techniques we offer intensive one-month courses, see IELTS its characteristics, hours, duration and price.