¿IESE and ESADE Internal test for admission to a postgraduate course?

IESE: to apply to an Executive MBA (EMBA) can be presented GMAT, Executive Assessment or do your own internal test IESE. This test is only used to present your candidacy to the EMBA from IESE, while the other two tests are also valid for any Executive MBA at universities in other countries.

ESADE: To apply to a postgraduate degree in ESADE, within your admission requirements, as an option, you can take the international exams: GMAT and Executive Assessment Or, you can do your internal test called APR.

In neither case, internal test preparation can be done on the basis of the content of GMAT, especially for applicants to ESADE.

The characteristics of the internal exam of each Business School are different and have few things in common, except that it can be done in English, in Spanish and online. We collaborate with both organizations and are well aware of their differences.

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