IELTS sections

Do you know that IELTS is from Cambridge but with easier content and structure than C1-Advanced and C2-Proficiency? If you have questions about the exam, consult one of our advisors.


The Listening module lasts 30 minutes. There are 40 questions distributed in 4 sections. This material will be reproduced only once.

The first two sections are on social needs. There is a conversation between two people and then a monologue.

The last two sections are about situations more related to the academic world. there is a conversation with up to four people and then another monologue. Time is given to read the questions, answer, and check the answers.


The Reading module lasts 60 minutes. There are 40 questions based on 3 readings with a total of between 2,000 and 2,750 words.

Both modules, Academic Reading and General Training, have the same format. the texts come out of magazines, newspapers, and books. Those texts are for non-specialized people. At least one of the texts contains detailed logical arguments. One of the texts contains diagrams, graphs, or illustrations.


The Writing module is 60 minutes long, and includes two tasks to complete. It is suggested to spend 20 minutes on the first task (at least 150 words) and around 40 minutes on the second (at least 250 words).

In the First task Candidates have to look at a diagram or table and present the information in their own words. They may be asked to describe or explain data or the steps of a process, the operation of something, or an object, or an event.

In the second task Candidates are presented with a point of view or an argument or a problem. Part of the task is to respond appropriately in terms of register, rhetorical structure, style, and content.


The Speaking module (Verbal Fluency) lasts between 11 and 14 minutes and consists of an oral interview recorded on digital support.

In the first part Candidates must answer general questions about themselves, their families and homes, their jobs or studies, their interests, and other typical questions. (4-5 minutes).

In the second part the candidate is given a topic written on a card and should talk about that particular topic. He or she has 1 minute to prepare what to say in a minute or two at the most. Here are a few questions to finish.

In the third part Examiner and candidate discuss more abstract and thematic issues linked to the theme of the card. (4-5 minutes).