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IELTS® Admissions

Coaching for Master and MBA

Getting into a good university is an important step in your professional career

Being admitted to one of the best universities in the world to do a postgraduate degree is a long path filled with obstacles that you will encounter on your way to the finish line. It begins with the preparation of the dreaded and demanded GMAT test.

The second step in all the admission processes to do a Master, MBA, EMBA, is to know how to sell your personal and professional history by listing your achievements and failures — it will not be enough to obtain a competitive GMAT score.

You must write your story in an attractive and motivating way to stand out from your direct competitors. You are still in the middle of your career and there are other steps to take: the personal interview, the wait, the final decision.

“They helped me with the essays of my application and I have been admitted.”



May 2023

MBA admission

  • Personalized attention throughout the admission process.
  • Analysis of the academic and professional profile of the candidate.
  • Analysis of the different Universities and Business Schools to identify the programs that fit the candidate's professional future.
  • Design of the calendar in all its various stages.
  • Essays: how to convey experiences and emotions.
  • The letters of recommendation: who are the most interesting people, how to request it and their content.
  • Waiting list: what to do during this impasse ?.
  • Preparation of interviews.

Master's Admission

  • Personalized attention from the beginning to the end of the process.
  • Analysis of the candidate's academic profile.
  • Analysis of the selected programs.
  • Motivation letter: achievements and objectives of the candidate.
  • Letters of recommendation: who are the most interesting people, how to request it and their content.


College students who are interested in a career in business and professionals looking to move up the career ladder often decide to pursue their Master of Business Administration or MBA degree. Obtaining an MBA is a smart move for people who want to improve their options as job candidates. Indicates HR staff. H H. They understand basic business principles and management that you will need to know to help your business succeed. TLA can help you put together a great application package with our business school admissions consulting offers. The academic advisors are ready to listen to you.

How do I start applying to business schools? The first step to earning an MBA is identifying the schools you would like to attend. From here, you can get an idea of what that school typically looks for when admitting new students. Then you can start putting together an application package that gives the best of yourself. However, it can be challenging to do all of this effectively when working alone. Our MBA admissions consulting can alleviate some of the stress of the business school admissions process. You can try our help with a free profile assessment.

Choose the Most Suitable MBA Admission Consulting Option: We offer several different business school admissions consulting options that can attract different types of applicants. For example, our free profile evaluation gives you the opportunity to have an expert evaluate your profile and your chances of admission to your chosen MBA programs. You can also use your free profile assessment to learn more about what we can do and how we can help you achieve your business school goals.

We offer MBA admissions consulting in hourly packages. This option gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a business school admissions expert. You'll receive guidance on every part of your app, including things like:

  • School selection
  • Essays
  • Recommendation letters
  • Preparation of the interview
  • And more

The hourly package is the best option for students who wish to get direct, individualized help from a business school admissions consulting expert for each part of their application.

Ready to get started with MBA admissions consulting? TLA can help you take your business school application to the next level. We accomplish this by providing you with the guidance of experienced consultants who have experience from both globally recognized business schools and their own companies. With personalized help and a proven track record of results, we're confident we can make your app stand out from the crowd. Academic Advisors are available online and by phone so you can get started today.