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Is IELTS easier than TOEFL?2020-11-25T11: 47: 42 + 01: 00

IELTS Academic It is somewhat easier because the situations presented in the 4 parts of the test are more everyday and the vocabulary is more common. The official exam can be done online or on paper, but the Speaking section is always done with a teacher.

TOEFL iBT, It is somewhat more difficult because the situations of the 4 parts of the exam are focused on a more academic environment and, to a large extent, the final result will depend on the level of Listening of the evaluated person. The official exam is done on a computer including the integrated and independent Speaking section.

How long do I need to be well prepared in IELTS?2020-11-26T13: 19: 56 + 01: 00

It varies depending on your level and the score you need, the time can vary. With us, the average time is 1 month and a half. Between face-to-face classes and non-face-to-face practices.

Is the official IELTS test done in Applied Language Techniques?2020-11-26T13: 21: 07 + 01: 00

No, you must register on the website of the IELTS, choose the country and city where you want to take the test, and then you will see a calendar with the dates and places available in each center.

Why are there two versions of the IELTS test?2020-11-26T13: 22: 36 + 01: 00

The IELTS has two versions: Academic and General Training. The exam Academic It is essential to be admitted to a postgraduate degree, or at a professional level within and outside of Spain. It is also valid to apply for a visa for countries such as: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and prove your level in Erasmus. The exam General Training It is for people who need to apply for a visa to work, to access high school and immigrants.

What content differences are there between the two IELTS tests?2021-08-17T12: 03: 29 + 02: 00

The main areas of the English language: ListeningSpeaking, Writing and Reading are evaluated in both tests: The sections of Speaking and Listening they are identical. In sections Writing and Reading, the approach is slightly different. On General Training, these two sections are somewhat shorter and content easier. On the official page of IELTS you can see those differences.

How often is the test done?2020-03-27T11: 45: 49 + 01: 00

It is usually done once or twice a month. However, each student may appear only once per month.

In what format is IELTS done?2020-11-26T13: 25: 23 + 01: 00

Since April 2019, when you register for the official exam, you are given the option of taking the test on paper or by computer, except for the Speaking part, which in both cases will be with a teacher personally.

What do you recommend?2020-03-27T11: 46: 53 + 01: 00

Both options are valid, but we suggest doing the test on paper.

What is the price of the test?2020-03-27T11: 47: 04 + 01: 00

Prices vary between countries, however in Europe they are quite similar. The price of the test in Spain is € 212

Who examines you and under what conditions?2020-11-26T13: 26: 28 + 01: 00

Cambridge University are the examiners and the test is done in the 'British Council' of each city. You can see dates and days available on the official website. The test is done on paper and the oral part is done with a teacher in an interview format between two people.

How valid is the IELTS test?2020-03-27T11: 47: 29 + 01: 00

The validity of the test IELTS is 2 years.

I need special conditions in the IELTS test. What do I do?2020-11-26T13: 27: 29 + 01: 00

If you need any special conditions to take the exam, such as more time to take it, you must notify the exam center as mímood 6 sandmanas before the IELTS test date.

If you have learning difficulties like dyslexia odandattention deficitorn, enter this link Learning difficulties

Can I use a pen for the Listening and Reading tests? "2020-03-27T11: 47: 58 + 01: 00

No. You must do it with a pencil. The answer sheet is scanned by a computer that cannot read ballpoint ink.

Can I take notes in the Listening and Reading question books?2020-03-27T11: 48: 09 + 01: 00

Yes. The IELTS examiner will not look at your question book.

What should I bring for the Speaking test?2020-03-27T11: 48: 20 + 01: 00

You must carry the same identification documents that you provided in your IELTS Registration Form and used for the rest of the exam. Your identification will be checked before starting the Speaking.

How long does it take to give me the results?2020-03-27T11: 48: 29 + 01: 00

The results of the IELTS They will be available 13 calendar days after taking the exam on the official website, and they will be available for 28 days.

At the end of the IELTS exam, can I send my grade to the university?2021-08-16T17: 43: 06 + 02: 00

When you register for the exam, you have the option, you will get 5 boxes to put the codes of the Institutions where you want to send the note, once it has been corrected.
If you have no decision where you want to send or if you first want to see the results before sending, after 13 days you will be able to see them on the official website and request that they send it to each university but, in this case, you have to pay 8€ for each university.
Report Form Print and save to be able to do paperwork in the future because, you will have to give these same references that appear in your Report.
The note is sent to you by mail 13 days after the exam and you can also see it on the official website at IELTS account online.

What happens if I don't show up or am sick on the day of the exam?2020-11-26T13: 31: 44 + 01: 00

If you do not show up on the day of the exam without prior notice, you will lose the entire fee. However, if you provide a medical certificate within the five days prior to the exam day, you will receive the refund less the local administrative cost.

When can I take the exam again?2020-03-27T11: 48: 58 + 01: 00

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the exam. However, IELTS recommends that you do additional study before submitting it again.