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How valid is the GRE test?2020-11-24T11: 00: 31 + 01: 00

The current validity is 5 years.

How often is the test done?2020-11-25T12: 39: 50 + 01: 00

Every week, but a student can only take one test every 21 days.

Can you use a calculator in the math section?2020-11-25T12: 39: 07 + 01: 00

Yes, the program has a calculator integrated, but it is advisable to learn to work without this support.

I need special conditions, what do I do?2020-11-24T11: 15: 10 + 01: 00

ETS is committed to serving students with disabilities or health-related needs. GRE test accommodations are available to individuals who meet your requirements. Enter its official page and access Accomodation for Test Makers with Disabilities and helth-related Needs.

At the end of the test, can I send the grade to the university?2020-11-25T12: 44: 44 + 01: 00

Do you have 4 boxes to put the code of each university Where you want your note to go, but, without seeing the results, you have to decide whether to accept or cancel the note, if you cancel, no one will see it, if you accept it you will see it on the screen and you can decide between three options:
A. Send the last score,
B. Send another note if you have submitted more than once and your score is higher.
C. Do not send any if you have not decided which universities you want to apply to.

Note: If at another time you want to send the note, you must request it on the official website and it has a cost of $27 for each of the universities where you want to send it.

In the case of using ScoreSelect, will there be any indication in the report that there were other attempts whose scores I am not including?2020-03-11T20: 32: 44 + 01: 00

No. With "ScoreSelect", the reports received by the institutions will show only the scores that you have chosen to send them. No indication will be seen if it has been presented more times.