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Practice Test Center

Practice Test Center

Essential tool to practice with real GMAT tests.
Adaptive, with the four sections.

Essential tool to practice with real GMAT tests.
Adaptive, with the four sections.

TO BUY60 Day Access - € 100

What's included?

  • 60 days of online access
  • 8 complete and adaptive GMAT (CAT) tests
  • Same number of questions as in the official test
  • Clock to control the response time and of each section
  • Possibility of choosing the 3 options of the official test
  • Strategies for sections Quantitative Y Verbal
  • Results report: time used to solve each question, level and category of the question
  • Statistics to analyze the evolution of your learning

Practice with

Adaptive Test

The TLA platform is, without a doubt, one of the best tools to carry out adaptive test practices in real time. The score obtained is the one that is closest to the official test.

All 4 sections of the exam are included -Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Y Analytical Writing-, the same number of scoring and non-scoring questions, the same break time and options A, B, and C to choose the section to start with.

Learn strategies

Quantitative & the Verbal

In addition to practicing with real tests, you can learn by answering questions in the strategies part. With more than 300 questions and explanations we will show you which is the shortest way to get the correct answer.

Questions in the section Verbal They are divided into categories to make your choice easier and more understandable. In the section Quantitative The 6 main strategies are shown to solve questions on different topics more quickly.

Analyze and improve

Reports and Progress

Reports: at the end of each test, the most relevant aspects are detailed for subsequent analysis: correct and incorrect questions, time invested in each question, category, level of difficulty, marking of the answers chosen at random.

Progress: statistics that graphically show the progress in each type of answered questions.

TO BUY60 Day Access - € 100


Do the tests on your platform have the same format as the official exam?2021-05-21T12: 57: 45 + 02: 00

In our practice center (PTC), the tests are adaptive, they can only be done in real time, they have 4 parts, and you can start with one of the three possible options: AWA, Verbal or Quantitative. The algorithm is very similar to the official one so that the score is the most similar.

How many tests are there on the platform?2021-05-21T12: 58: 04 + 02: 00

As in the official test, ours are not pre-made either, the questions are selected from a broad base classified by level, category and section. As they are adaptive tests, the questions come out randomly according to the answer to the previous question.

Are the questions on the PTC platform from GMAT?2021-05-21T12: 58: 33 + 02: 00

Most are originals developed by our teachers - who specialize in GMAT preparation - but we have also included some questions from the official GMAC database.

Is there also a clock in the PTC to control the time and minutes of rest?2021-05-21T12: 58: 57 + 02: 00

On our platform, the time of each section is controlled as in the official test, including the 8-minute breaks. Each section starts automatically and cannot be stopped or reversed. We follow the same schedule and time as in the official test.

Can I buy more tests if I need them?2021-05-21T12: 59: 17 + 02: 00

Yes, two days before the end of the access time to the platform you will receive an email, warning that your account is about to expire. In the same email you will see the options you have to extend the days of access and number of tests.
You can also see the prices here:

Can I hire tutorials with your Verbal or Mathematics teachers?2021-05-21T12: 59: 39 + 02: 00

Yes, you can hire a session or a pack of sessions and distribute the hours as it suits you. In this link you can see the prices:

If I buy this platform, will I get the password to enter at that moment?2021-05-21T12: 59: 58 + 02: 00

No, we would take a maximum of 3 hours if you buy from Monday to Friday and a maximum of 8 hours on the weekend. The key is personal and non-transferable.