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Verbal Section

Verbal Section

Our platform replaces all books thanks to the learning tools and explanatory videos.

Our platform replaces all books thanks to the learning tools and explanatory videos.

TO BUYAccess 60 Days - 149 €

What's included?

  • 60 days of online access
  • 15 interactive lessons
  • More than 60 explanatory videos
  • Quiz & Mini-Test
  • Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Y Analytical Writing Assessment


Useful and very practical

After verifying, over many years of experience, that the explanations given in the GMAT books do not provide the necessary clarity to understand how to reason which is the correct answer, our teachers specialized in the preparation of the Verbal section have developed a tool that will teach you, with practical exercises, until you reach the maximum score in the Verbal section.


Very effective

  • More than 500 questions divided by level of difficulty.
  • Explanations in each question.
  • Analysis and criteria to select the correct question in the shortest possible time.
  • Quiz and Mini-test by sections.
  • More than 60 videos with explanations.
  • Progression system.

TO BUYAccess 60 Days - 149 €


What is included in the platform for the Verbal section of GMAT?2021-05-21T15: 22: 13 + 02: 00

In the GMAT test the most difficult part for most students is the Verbal section. Our platform replaces any book that can be purchased for the preparation of this section.
This platform includes all the theory, with written explanations and videos, to discard the answers that are not conclusive until the correct answer is reached.

Are explanations of the 4 parts of Verbal included?2021-06-03T11: 57: 25 + 02: 00

Yes, on our platform there are more than 500 questions, classified by level of difficulty and category, from the Sentence Correction, Cristal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Analytical Writing Assessment sections.

Is there a structured program on this platform?2021-05-21T15: 24: 07 + 02: 00

Yes, all the content is structured by lesson, with indications of the time necessary to assimilate all the content. In addition, at the beginning of each lesson there is a Quiz to assess which type of questions you have the most difficulties with. This will help you to know which lessons you need to spend more time on.

Is there theory and explanations with videos on the platform?2021-05-21T15: 24: 48 + 02: 00

Yes, the explanations are given in writing and also in more than 60 videos.

In addition to the platform, will I need more material to prepare the Verbal section?2021-06-03T11: 57: 14 + 02: 00

If you use our platform well, you will not need more material to prepare this section. It is not a matter of repeating a multitude of similar questions with different material, it is a matter of knowing the strategies and reasoning processes that you must use to answer each type of question, and then putting it into practice by doing tests in real time. You should not exceed the average time to answer a question, which is equal to 1.30.