Score Ranges

The GMAT exam will change the structure and duration in the fourth quarter of 2023. Read our comparison to see that if you are already preparing or are going to start preparing, you have nothing to worry about because the preparation does not change!

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GMAT Scores

The GMAT test format will have 5 marks:

  • Analytical Writing (AWA);
  • Integrated Reasoning;
  • Quantitative;
  • Verbal;
  • Total Score (Combined Quantitative + Verbal);

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What are scaled scores in GMAT and how are they calculated?

The Verbal Sections and Quantitative of GMAT are scored separately on a scale from 0 to 60 (and are called Scaled Scores) in 1 point increments. Scores below 10 or above 52 are exceptional.

The total GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800, in increments of 10 points. Scores below 300 or above 770 are exceptional.

These scores (Verbal Scaled Score, Quantitative Scaled Score & Total Score) are obtained by a complex algorithm which takes into account not only the total number of questions answered, whether correctly or incorrectly, the level of difficulty of the question, but also other statistical characteristics such as the time spent on each question or the so-called false correct answers or false errors. In addition, there are a small number of questions in the Verbal and Quantitative Sections (you cannot tell which ones) that do not play a role in scoring and which are used for statistical purposes.

Both the Verbal and Quantitative Sections are adaptive. This means that when a question is answered correctly, the next question is usually of higher difficulty, which helps to raise the score, and vice versa.

The essay is scored on a scale of 0 to 6, in 0.5 point increments. The essays are evaluated by two qualified and independent readers and if there is a discrepancy of more than 1 point, a third reader is consulted.

The Section of Integrated Reasoning it is scored from 1 to 8, in 1-point increments. All questions have several sub-parts, and they must all be answered correctly to consider the question to be correct. This section is not adaptive.

Scaled Score Range

Analytical Writing (AWA) from 0 to 6 from 0% to 99%
Integrated Reasoning from 1 to 8 from 0% to 99%
Quantitative from 0 to 60 from 0% to 99%
Verbal from 0 to 60 from 0% to 99%
Total score from 200 to 800 from 0% to 99%