GMAT FAQs2024-01-30T18:33:47+01:00


What average score have your students achieved?2023-08-22T12:03:02+02:00

Since 1993, throughout our professional career, we have prepared many students from different countries and the scores have oscillated between 590 and 760. The average score of our students is currently 690.

What steps do I follow to enroll?2024-01-30T13:23:40+01:00

Contact us by email or by phone (+34) 931 240 418, (+34) 655 879 579 and we will advise you on the course that best suits your needs. To visit us, make an appointment.

What support material do I receive in a course?2023-08-22T12:03:23+02:00

For a more complete preparation you will have online tools to prepare the daily study of each class and complete tests to carry out your practices.

How long would it take to prepare with one of your courses?2023-08-22T12:03:31+02:00

The average duration to be well prepared is approximately 3-4 months depending on the intensity with which you do the classes: intensively or extensively.

Before starting the preparation, do I have to do a trial test?2023-08-22T12:03:40+02:00

It is not necessary to take a practice test before registering for one of our courses, but depending on your university background, we suggest reviewing basic math concepts with the material we provide.

Are GMAT Focus courses taken year-round?2024-01-30T13:19:21+01:00

GMAT Focus courses begin every month of the year to do theoretical preparation with intensive or extensive classes. You can see the start dates and times on our website.

How many tests are included in a course?2023-08-22T12:05:53+02:00

You will have the option of taking 4 adaptive tests and, in addition, with the question base that we have within our platform, you have the option of taking unlimited mini-tests by selecting the questions that interest you the most and you can repeat them as many times as you need.

What is the difference between a full course with teachers and others without a teacher?2023-08-22T12:06:11+02:00

The only difference is the participation or not of live and direct teachers: the classes of the face-to-face and online courses are taught by live teachers, while in the online course without a teacher, the classes, strategies and explanations are recorded. in videos.

Can I hire private classes to reinforce the course classes?2023-08-22T12:06:21+02:00

If you need to reinforce some concepts that are difficult for you or you have missed some classes, you can hire extra private classes for a price of €49 per hour.