CAE - Frequently Asked Questions2021-05-11T11: 22: 20 + 02: 00


In this exam, is it very important to have a good level of the grammar part?2020-12-15T12: 08: 43 + 01: 00

It is essential that you study the grammar and vocabulary required by the Advanced exam. There is always some phrasal verbs, cojunctions, linking words, adverbs or idioms that you do not know and that can appear in the exercises of the different parts of the exam.

What are the registration deadlines for the exams?2020-12-14T13: 56: 11 + 01: 00

The registration date for Cambridge exams ends approximately one month before the exam date, therefore, you must decide with Sufficient advance which call do you want to apply to. It also depends on the province and the center where you formalize the registration, since, although similar dates are handled, not all cities or all exam centers have all the calls available Cambridge English Officials.

Where do I sign up?2020-12-15T12: 30: 59 + 01: 00

Cambridge exam registration is done through the Official Examination Centers. Search the official Cambridge website so you can locate the ones in your province. You should know that not all centers register for all calls. Choose the one that has registration open for the call you want or if you have a preference for a specific center, you will have to register on the dates that are available.

Is the CAE valid for 2 years like TOEFL or IELTS?2020-12-21T10: 34: 21 + 01: 00

Unlike IELTS and TOEFL, CAE-C1 has a longer validity since, if you obtain the minimum score required, you will obtain a diploma. But, in many universities, they will not accept your results if you have taken the exam more than 2 years ago or the score is not equivalent to C1.