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Where and how often is the test done?2020-11-26T13: 58: 08 + 01: 00

The exam can be done in Barcelona and Madrid in the same place where the official GMAT exam is taken and the dates can only be found through the official GMAT website.

Is this EA test the same as a GMAT test?2020-11-26T13: 57: 09 + 01: 00

The EA test is from the same creators of GMAC and is very similar to the official GMAT test. They have included some variants to make it somewhat easier than GMAT.

Is the Executive Assessment admission test to apply for the EMBA in English?2020-11-26T13: 56: 20 + 01: 00

The EA exam is internationally recognized and can be taken at any university in the world, including IESE, IE, ESADE.