Executive Assessment® Online course

Are you full of work and don't have time? Do you need a flexible schedule to study at your own pace with a quality course? We have what you need, send your email and we will expand the information.

Theory and practice

If you cannot attend the online classes at times predetermined by TLA, the complete preparation can be done with our “online-self-taught” course because it contains the three main sections of the Executive Assessment exam: Quantitative, Verbal, Integrate Reasoning.

The course also includes basic math concepts and specific vocabulary. For a more efficient preparation the program is very structured with all the explanations and strategy recorded.
In the cases that are necessary you can also hire tutorials with our teachers.

Test practices

Design your own "mini-test" choosing the questions you want to practice: by level, with time and without time and you can repeat them as many times as you need.

To familiarize yourself with the adaptive test format and time management, in this course you also have four complete tests. Study the theory and practice with a “mini test” in parallel, after finishing each lesson.


Reports and Progress

To evaluate the progress in each section on the presumptions that have been solved correctly and incorrectly, the time taken to reach a conclusion and level of the question, the representative graph of your progress can be consulted for later analysis. In all questions we give an explanation.

A student would not be prepared if in the 4 practice tests, an equivalence of 450 is not obtained over the maximum of 800. In the Assessment Executive test the maximum score is 200 but he is doing his practices with the same format as GMAT.