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Executive Assessment® live online course

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Our course
The 34 hours are divided between the 3 sections of the test.

combined course
Classes with live teachers and online platform.

course syllabus
Integrate Reasoning, Verbal, Quantitative.

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Depending on your needs, choose a full or partial course.

The official Executive Assessment exam has been designed by GMAC, the same creators of the GMAT exam. The test is administered by the same American organization and is aimed at candidates who wish to make a qualitative leap in their professional career by completing an EMBA within or outside of Spain. The duration of the test is 90 minutes and it is done on a computer, but it is not an adaptive test as is the case with GMAT.

"I thank the TLA teachers for their attention and help in preparing this new exam."



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February 2024




Date: March 4 to April 29
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Schedule: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Full Course:

  • Theory: 34 class hours.
  • Parallel practice with 5,500 questions with explanations.
  • Training with complete tests.
  • 6 months of access to our online platform.
  • 4 tutorials for specific doubts.
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OTHER OPTIONS:   Online course

Have you seen that for your preparation for the EA admission test, we offer you two course modalities? Do you want us to explain the differences to you to know which of the two options best suits what you need? Send us a message and we will give you the answer.

live online course

This 34-hour Executive Assessment course is aimed at candidates applying for an EMBA. This official test is shorter and easier than GMAT.

In the course we do a complete preparation of the three sections included in the exam: Integrated Reasoning, Verbal and Quantitative. Support material is included for the daily study.

The experience of our teachers in the preparation of this exam is a sure value to guarantee a good result in the official test.

Course contents

Integrated Reasoning
Interpretation of graphs and analysis of tables in two different types of questions.

Verbal reasoning
This section is not oral and will be practiced with the questions included in Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.

Quantitative reasoning
In this section there are two types of questions called Problem solving and Date Sufficiency.

Test practice

In the course you will be able to access our platform to practice tests in real time and put into practice all the theory that has been learned in classes.

For the training to be more complete, before taking the exam, you have to do mock tests to know how to control the time management of each section.