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Every year, we find a number of applicants who come to us and they ask us for help to apply only to the 5 best universities, basing your choice simply on the position of these universities in the ranking of the rankings. This is obviously a very poor way of selecting a Business School ideal, and we encourage applicants to look further. In the same way that you should not marry someone simply because you like their photo and receive a favorable opinion about this person from their friends, a MBA it should not be chosen on the basis of its attractive presentation and ranking position. Each MBA and Master's degree It is very different, and it offers you a very particular experience, both in the classroom and with your students.
If, for example, you are going to live your professional life in Spain, the United States and some top MBAs and Masters are not suitable for you, since they do not have a wide network outside of Spain. If your focus is on doing business with Asia, you should probably look at universities on the West Coast of the US, where the proportion of Asian students, so far, is much higher.

Our Coaches They carry out all the individual or group sessions, in person at our Center or via Skype.


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The rankings are simply a reflection of how MBA programs are judged by a group of stakeholders, from students, universities and the companies that develop them.
On TLAWe encourage applicants to create their "own ranking" based on their own goals. Once you visit the universities and begin to understand how much they differ from each other, you will be surprised at how their personal ranking differs from the published ones. This effort is one of the necessary steps to be accepted, as each year we witness perfectly capable applicants being denied entry to college simply because they do not know enough about the colleges to which they are applying.
We invite you to consult with our experienced advisors to better define which universities are perfect for you. Call or visit us to learn more about how to successfully create your own personal ranking.