CAE sections

Reading and use of English

The Reading and Use of English is the first of the 4 parts of the CAE exam and test your level of English. For this you must demonstrate your reading comprehension, the use of grammar and vocabulary. During this part of the CAE exam you have to read between 3000 and 3500 words. The texts can be from: newspapers and magazines, newspapers, books (fiction or non-fiction).

A text with multiple choice questions. For each question there are 4 answer options.

4 short texts with matching questions. You have to read through the texts to relate a sentence to the elements of the text.

A one-page text with numbered spaces which represent missing paragraphs. After the text there are some paragraphs that are not in the correct order. You have to read the text and the paragraphs and decide which paragraph corresponds to each space

A series of matching questions followed by a long text or several short texts. You have to match some sentences with elements of the text.


Of the 4 parts of the CAE exam, Listening tests your ability to follow and understand a series of audios such as: interviews, radio broadcasts, presentations, negotiations and daily conversations. The audios can be of 2 types: Monologues (radio broadcasts, speeches, negotiations, readings, anecdotes etc.,) or People interacting (interviews, debates, radio broadcasts, conversations, etc.). It is divided into 4 parts with a total of 30 questions.

There are 3 short excerpts from some conversations. You will find 2 multiple choice questions for each excerpt.

A monologue lasting approximately 3 minutes. You have to complete the questionnaire with the information you hear in the audio.
Conversation between 2 or more people of approximately 4 minutes. You have to answer the multiple choice questions choosing the correct answer A / B / C or D.
Series of 5 monologues of approximately 30 seconds each. In the questionnaire there are 2 tasks and for each one you have to match each speaker with one of the 8 possible answers.


In the second part of the CAE exam you will have to do 2 different types of writing: story, letter or email, proposal, report or criticism. The first part is mandatory, while in the second you have the possibility to choose between 3 options.

You have to read a text and write a composition based on the points included in the text. You will be asked to explain which of the 2 points is more important and give reasons for your opinion.

You have to write a text to choose from one of the options: letter or mail / proposal / report or criticism. To guide your writing you will be given information about the context - the purpose of the topic and the audience to whom it is directed.


The last part of the CAE exam is Speaking. Test your ability to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations. You will do the Speaking test with another candidate, exceptionally with 2 candidates.

Conversation between the candidates and the interlocutor. The examiner asks you questions and you have to offer information about yourself.

Each of the candidates will receive some photos about which you will have to talk for 1 minute without interruption. After the other candidate finishes speaking, you will have to comment on what they said for 30 seconds.

Conversation with the other candidate. The examiner gives you verbal and written instructions. You have to talk to the other candidate for 2 minutes. After the conversation the examiner asks you a question and you will have 1 minute to negotiate and reach a conclusion

Conversation with the other candidate on topics and issues of the third part. The interlocutor asks each of you questions and you are going to have to debate them with the other candidate.