About the CAE/C1

About the CAE/C1

The CAE is a C1 level qualification. If we take into account that the Common European Framework has levels A, B and C, with C being the most difficult, we must understand that we are facing a difficult test. Of course, if you want to prepare for the CAE exam, it is because your level of English left the average level a long time ago.

Remember that in the Cambridge exam They assess your knowledge of the language in different ways, always related to the communication skills of a language: writing, reading, speaking and understanding. Therefore, you must be very clear about your degree of knowledge of the language precisely.

The Cambridge Advanced Exam, also known as CAE, is an advanced level English certificate. It corresponds to level C1 in the Common European Framework and is one of the most demanded in Spain.

The parts of the CAE exam are developed to assess all of your language skills. As of January 2015, the exam format has changed. To prepare the CAE it is necessary to know well its requirements and characteristics.

The CAE will help you develop your language skills to a high level and you can consider working or going to university in other countries. This certificate is accepted in more than 6,000 institutions, including government organizations, educational institutions and large companies.

Structure and content

Reading & Use of English 8 Parts / 56 questions 90 minutes READING 6 USE OF ENGLISH
Listening 4 Parts / 30 questions 40 minutes LISTENING
Writing 2 parts 90 minutes WRITING
Speaking 4 Parts 15 minutes SPEAKING


Reading & Use of English Score of: 160 - 230
Listening Score of: 160 - 230
Writing Score of: 160 - 230
Speaking Score of: 160 - 230
Total Score Avg. 160 - 210 (C1 level 180 - 200)