Be careful of the categorical statements that are sometimes made about what the GMAT test and doesn’t test. There are a lot of misconceptions around, and these can lead to misinformation.

Let’s take just one […]

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Conoce las diferencias de la Sección de Speaking

IELTS: Speaking Section

Las diferencias entre la sección de Speaking de IELTS y la de Speaking de TOEFL son notables. A continuación te detallamos como son cada una de ellas:

IELTS TEST: Estarás con un examinador […]

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GMAT Tips: Our pre-exam advice

If you have been devoting your free time and long hours over the weekend to practising your GMAT, we suggest taking a break from the GMAT for 2 or 3 days before your exam […]

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GMAT – Sentences Correction

Las frases largas y subrayas son a veces consideradas la peor pesadilla de un estudiante en la sección de Sentence Correction. Y lo cierto es que no se encuentran entre las preguntas más fáciles […]

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New GMAT Feature: Select Section Order

In a continuing effort to enhance the GMAT exam experience for test takers, GMAC is launching Select Section Order, a new feature that gives candidates the flexibility to customize their GMAT experience.

Beginning July 11, […]

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